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Little Baby's Ice Cream

A person, apparently made out of white ice cream, stares directly at the camera while scooping a spoonful of ice cream from the top of their head, about to eat it

Little Baby's Ice Cream was an ice cream company based in Philadelphia, PA. It opened in 2011, when it was selling ice cream from tricycles. The following year, in August, it opened its first physical store. At one point it had stores in Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore, and collaborated with other Philadelphia-based companies. With pizza restaurant Pizza Brain, it made a pizza-flavoured ice cream; with Yards Brewing Company, it made PYNK-flavoured ice cream; and it had several collaborations with Federal Donuts.

Little Baby's Ice Cream was known for two things: its ice cream flavours and its ads. Some of its flavours included Vanilla Cardamon Cream, Smoked Cinnamon, and Earl Grey Sriracha. It also released a CBD-flavoured ice cream. Its ads, however, are what have landed on several iceberg lists and given the company its internet infamy.

The company's most well-known advert, "This is a Special Time" from 2012, a person apparently made of ice cream, takes a spoon and uses it to eat the ice cream that makes up their own head, while a voiceover extols the virtues of Little Baby's Ice Cream, saying it will keep you young, physically and mentally. The "ice cream person" was Malcolm, a genderless, non-human (but "human-esque") being that formed from a failed batch of Duck Sauce Vanilla ice cream and became the company's mascot.

In actuality, the actor was coated in and eating marshmallow cream. The narrator for the ad was Matthias Bossi, who was also the voice of Dad and one of the composers for The Binding of Issac: Repentance. Little Baby's Ice Cream's other two ads, "Love Lickers" and "Eye Scream" were equally as creepy and surrealistic, but didn't reach the same level of notoriety as "This is a Special Time". There was also a fourth ad, "Check Out Our New Package", which featured a shirtless man who unbuttons his jeans, only for ice cream and chocolate syrup to pour from his crotch area.

A woman whose eyes have been replaced with mouths holds an ice cream cone up to her "main" mouth

A hand apparently made out of ice cream or white cream holds an ice cream cone, which contains a miniature figure also made of ice cream, holding a cone. This image presumably continues infinitely

In 2017, Little Baby's Ice Cream found themselves caught up in the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, when some believers in the idea that adrenochrome (and much worse was being harvested from children by Hillary Clinton and her staff underneath a pizza place in Washington DC. Whether this had any effect on their business is unknown, but sadly Little Baby's Ice Cream closed on November 20, 2019, leaving only their ads as a memorial to just how out there they really were.


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