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A small black-and-white cat, close to the camera and looking off slightly to the left. There is a person behind the cat but their face cannot be seen

I Never Know What To Put Here

Hi. My name is Kat (or Dysnomya) and I am fascinated with weird stuff. Unsolved mysteries, fringe science, paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, internet lore, urban legends... I have consumed it all for nearly all my life. I also like to "collect" information - that is, learning as much strange and obscure stuff as possible, just for the sake of knowing it.

Recently, while going through one of the several Unsolved Mysteries "Icebergs" that exist out there, I found myself thinking that there needed to be more written about many of the topics than space and time allowed for the people making the lists or covering them in videos. And thus, this site was born, because I figure I should be the change in the world I want to be, or the font of knowledge at the very least.

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